Coaching4 Manager as Coach Profiles

4 Manager as Coach Profiles

Context: In today’s world there is a strong desire for more development/coaching conversations. Expectations from managers to develop subordinates are considered something normal, but still, due to busy agendas and many last-minute demands, many one to one meetings are focused mostly on the business as usual. Main idea: Managers can do a better job in providing the coaching and development their people need by being aware of their own coaching profile (Teacher, Always-on, Connector and Cheerleader) and by alternating these profiles based on the employee specific needs. Research also shows that the employees of Connectors are three times as likely as subordinates of the other types to be high performers. Action item: Understand your employees aspirations and the development they require. You can also Encourage colleagues to coach one other and create a space for team development conversations! Read the full article here: 

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