Visual thinking and coMmunication

Just as we verbalize thinking through words, so we can express it through symbols and graphic representations.

Visual facilitation is a (new) method that makes content and processes visible. Whether we are talking about presentations, workshops, coaching sessions, training or meetings, with the bikablo® techique you can draw your ideas, better organize information and highlight connections. Research has shown that people collaborate better when they can track information through images and drawings. 


At bikablo® workshops you learn the skills and methods needed to visualize ideas. Whether you work as a facilitator, consultant, manager or specialist, you learn a visual language along with methods that you can use in your work. No drawing talent is needed because the bikablo® technique can be learned and used by anyone, regardless of their degree of creativity or artistic inclination!

27-28 January

Classroom Training in Copenhagen

Discover the bikablo® visual facilitation technique and learn visual communication for the graphic representation of ideas. See below the detailed agenda for the training. The maximum number of participants for a group is 10 people. The price includes all the necessary work materials.

9-10 March

Classroom Training in Bucharest

Discover the bikablo® visual facilitation technique and learn visual communication for the graphic representation of ideas.



On the first day you learn the bikablo® visualization technique. As a result, you will be able to illustrate and present ideas in a visual way. You will draw the first visual posters that you can later use with confidence in your activity.


Information on visualization materials and how we use markers to create clean lines and consistent shapes.


Basic forms, connecting elements, and frames that can be used to support different types of messages.

shadows and color

Options to fill in pictograms and spaces to generate visual effects and support messages.

Pictograms and figures

Visual symbols, graphics and personifications to communicate roles, groups and situations.

Combining elements

How to structure visual content and how to create compositions using all the graphic elements learned.


During the second day you learn to apply the new skill in your activity. Develop visualized posters for complex processes, projects, change topics or personal issues.

Visual vocabulary

Practical activities aimed at developing the ability to visualize and apply in a professional context.

Text and handwriting

Strategies for improving flipchart writing to increase readability and attractiveness.

Real-time application

Strategies for capturing information at work meetings and visual recording of live dialogue.

Visual structure

Types of structure to visually organize ideas and convey information in a way that is easy to follow and understand.

Practical application

Combining visual element to create specific posters on the topics relevant for participants.

Additional benefits

Bikablo® StarterSet 1 + 2: each participant receives the official Bikablo® set, which includes 4 visualization markers and 2 brochures summarizing the principles, content and techniques presented at the training.

Certificate of participation: a document confirming participation in the workshop, which also mentions a list of topics covered by the course.

Photo documentation: after the workshop the participants receive a photo gallery in digital format that can be used as a reference later. The gallery contains all the presented elements, together with the visual representations created by the participants.

Bikablo® Global Online Community: You will be invited to join the Bikablo® online community, where you can access more articles, links, tips, visual inspirations and connect with other visual practitioners.

Discount on Neuland products: Our Neuland partner offers participants a 15% discount on their products plus free delivery for the first order.

bikablo® certified global trainer

I am certified by the bikablo akademie and I am exclusively entitled to offer training according to bikablo® concept and under bikablo brand.

I have integrated visual facilitation in all my trainings and I am constantly developing my skills through graphic recording and visual notes published on this site.

I’ve been facilitating bikablo® workshops for individuals, specialists and leaders from the following companies: 

In-house training

Upon request, this workshop can be organized internally, for employees or teams within the same organization. Send me a message if you want to organize an internal session and I will come back with additional details.