I’m a professional trainer passionate about lifelong learning. I’ve been working in the field of training and development for the last 14 years. During my career, I have worked with over 60 multinational companies in various industries and spent over 10,000 hours facilitating adult education.

I work with people. I believe that everyone can grow and develop with the right attitude. I always strive for high – quality learning programs that actively involve the participants to create a dynamic learning environment. My approach is based on intensive preparation and practical application. I look forward to a positive impact and development both for the people and for their organisation.

I am on a journey to develop my skills in the field of visual thinking and graphic facilitation. So this project was born and with every article I read and share here, I get one step closer to my learning goal. At the same time, I hope that the information you discover in selected articles and my visual notes will help you to learn and develop new skills.