The way employees interact with their colleagues has a direct impact on the results they get. Effective communication is an essential skill that enables them to be more connected and to better understand each-other.

The experience provided by this workshop reveals the 5 elements that contribute to the success of interpersonal interactions and helps participants develop better communication skills and get more out of each interaction.

Training participants will become more aware of different communication needs through the exercises included in the workshop. They will have the opportunity to understand and develop their emotional intelligence and to practice active listening.

Increasing collaboration is one of the results from this workshop. Participants learn to develop better relationships based on respect and trust and to better resolve differences of opinion so as they build an efficient and productive work environment.

Practical activities represent over 80% of the training agenda. Participants discover and learn the concepts of training through a variety of group activities: role-plays, simulations, case studies, questionnaires, etc.