ProductivityBattling Ruminations

Battling Ruminations

We think about work when we are not at work. Ruminating about work, replaying the same thoughts and worries over and over again, significantly disrupts our ability to recover and recharge in the off hours. The more we ruminate about work when we’re home, the more likely we are to experience sleep disturbances, to eat unhealthier foods and to have worse moods.Not to mention the toll it takes on our relationships and family lives

Ruminations are very difficult to resist, because thinking of all our unfinished tasks feels urgent. Anxiously worrying about the future feels compelling. Ruminating always feels like we’re doing something important, when in fact, we’re doing something harmful.

In this video that I visually summarized you can find more strategies you can try in battling ruminations: Guy Winch – How to turn off work thoughts during your free time