What I Do
I support and empower individuals, teams and organizations to learn and develop, to visualize and reflect, to collaborate and achieve meaningful results. I use training, coaching and visualization as main tools
Training Delivery

I aim to improve people's performance through interactive workshops focused on interpersonal skills. I design and implement high-quality learning programs that can bring employees to a higher level so they all have increased skills and knowledge together with the right mindset so they can have a real impact in business outcomes.

Visual Facilitation

I accompany people and teams to work on their projects or challenges and guide them towards a specific outcome by using visual frameworks, coaching and facilitation tools and techniques. As a group facilitator, I aim to help people to work together more efficiently, to create synergy, generate new ideas and gain consensus and agreement.

Graphic Recording

I translate into a visual summary the content of various events (e.g. conferences, presentations, meetings) in order to help people understand better, remember and connect with what’s being said. With markers and paper, I create a ‘map’ with main ideas of the event, using a combination of words, pictures, symbols and color.

About Me
I’m a professional trainer, facilitator and visual practitioner, passionate about lifelong learning. I aim to bring structure and clarity in people's minds in order to develop essential skills and experience a higher quality of work and life.

spent facilitating adult learning

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I work with people. I believe that everyone can grow and develop with the right attitude. I always strive for high – quality learning programs that actively involve the participants to create a dynamic learning environment. My approach is based on intensive preparation and practical application. I look forward to a positive impact and development both for the people and for their organisation.
Visual Facilitation

bikablo® is an easy to learn visualisation technique that helps you to facilitate meetings and workshops.

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Impact Presentations

Discover the most advanced techniques in order to prepare and deliver a captivating presentation.

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Personal Agility

A methodology for managing workflow based on 6 principles and behaviors.

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Empowered Teams

A team development process that will help people improve their performance and the way they collaborate.

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Visual Notes
I am on a journey to develop my skills in the field of visual thinking and graphic facilitation. So this project was born and with every article I read and share here, I get one step closer to my learning goal. At the same time, I hope that the information you discover will help you to learn and develop new skills.
Graphic Recording
Also called visual recording, this process involves capturing the main ideas in a meeting (conference, workshop, presentation, etc.) in real time, right when they are presented to the audience. For this I use key images, words, drawings and color. Below you can see some of the visual recordings I've made recently.


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